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  • Create Date 20. June 2023
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What’s new in Version 2023.1

  • The simulation of discrete particles has been extended about the option to evaluate the momentum transfer between particles and solid surfaces (static and dynamic embedded objects, solid domain boundaries). If selected, the momentum transfer is included as contribution to the pressure quantity in surface plot files and effects file (distribution of max. overpressures and impulses), as distinguished plot variable in fsi-plot files and in the evaluation of forces in the forces file. The new option has also been included into the FSI mockup codes (CSDmockup, CFDmockup).
  • An additional particle model has been added, which permits the inclusion of phase change (solid-liquid) through specification of melting temperature and heat of melting (included in new particle model=10).
  • The specification of discrete particle size distributions (based on Weibull distributions) has been changed from lower/upper probability values to smallest/largest particle diameter; the discrete particle diameter values are now logarithmically distributed (formerly linear).
  • Particles are now included in remap files.
  • The CJ reaction model for high explosives has been improved towards a better resolution of the CJ-states.
  • The IC option for filling cavities (“Cavity”) has been amended about a bounding box which limits the filling process to the specified box region; thereby it is now possible to fill semi-confined shapes (e.g. a cup-shape geometries).
  • The stability of simulations of strongly expanding flows has been improved. Cases which might have required increased stability levels (stab level >1) are potentially running with standard stability setting (stab level = 1) now.
  • The naming convention for record-, map- and info-files has been changed: where formerly an underscore was used (e.g. *_map) there is now a dot (e.g. *.map).
  • Several issues regarding recently implemented new features could be identified and solved - thanks for feed-back of users!